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Spacecraft in Orbit


Tile Marine, is one of the leading companies that specialize in providing internet connectivity, VSAT will help in remote environments across the globe. VSAT solutions will help businesses and organizations to successfully accomplish their business goals and missions with field proven technology.

We offer highly reliable, well-managed, remote communication on different bands for VSAT and hybrid network. It is a technology that backs up superior support services that will provide robust, secure, and reliable platforms that also provide cost-effective, enterprise-wide connectivity for markets, professionals &  government. These are ideal for corporations and enterprises that operate in a remote environment, small and medium business clients that need a reliable source of internet connectivity.

KVH Watch

KVH Watch provides cybersecure, isolated IoT connections for 24/7/365 machine-to-cloud connectivity supporting remote monitoring of onboard equipment. You can also perform on-demand Interventions for remote service using video, voice, or text via KVH’s global HTS network. Fully compatible with your IoT platform of choice, KVH Watch seamlessly integrates with onboard data sensors/protocols. Plus, you enjoy the benefits of: 
No CAPEX. Pay only for your subscription, starting at just $99/month
Zero installation and maintenance costs
KVH OneCare™ Global Technical Assistance Program with 24/7/365 global support


INMARSAT Solutions


Tile Marine is an INMARSAT partner capable of offering a complete range of Inmarsat products and services.

With the co-operative agreement between BSNL & INMARSAT and the subsequent setting up of the satellite access station at Ghaziabad,  the airtime skies have opened up for Inmarsat's mobile satellite service – GSPS, in India.  Tile Marine is one of the very few selected franchisees of BSNL, authorized to sell the GSPS products and services in India.

The GSPS phone offers voice and text messaging facilities from remote areas, where no other means of connectivity exist.  The ISATPHONE2, which is BSNL-INMARSAT’s GSPS solution has proved its worth, saving lives at times of disaster during the OCHI cyclone and floods in India.

Tile Marine offers various Inmarsat solutions to vessels on global voyages, including FleetBroadband, Fleet Express providing Voice, data, and high-speed internet services.  Sat-C services for text messaging and LRIT & SSAS services are also provided.

Inmarsat Services for Land and Aviation applications can be provided subject to meeting regulatory requirements.


Marine Satellite Internet

The maritime world has awoken to the reality that BROADBAND NETWORKS are a strategic investment towards increasing business productivity.
Broadband networks play an important role in improving crew welfare and retention, remote monitoring, data analysis, and predictive maintenance.
Recognizing the need for cost-effective broadband solutions, Tile Marine has developed the expertise to provide customized integrated solutions to ships worldwide.
Partnering with blue-chip companies like INMARSAT, Speedcast, KVH, SES, Hughes, BSNL, and Intelsat for VSAT airtime, Equipment manufacturers like COBHAM, Intellian, KVH, and KNS, and software providers like GT Maritime,  Sophos, and Fortinet, Tile Marine is able to provide tailormade total reliable solutions.


Nowadays businesses are evolving and growing the new and latest technology using the high internet connections. M2M technologies are the way that will help people change their lives and do business. Internet connection is the integral part of many businesses' future outlook. Many of them are looking for the most real-time and reliable source of internet access whatever the area, on land or at sea, it maybe.

Tile Marine, one of the leading solutions specializes in developing market-specific M2M. We understand the value of fundamental shift and are building driven - solutions.



IoT Technology is very distinct around the globe.  Places have their own connectivity in order to communicate with different people using the internet. The Internet of things or IoT is real-time data that can be analyzed and be used to create desired business outcomes. IoT is also a giant-network of connected things and people - all of which collect and share data about the way they are used and about the environment around them. 

Tile Marine, one of the leading companies that offer great internet connection, strives to provide operational resilience and improve company revenue with condition-based asset monitoring & maintenance, that can grow with your business wherever it is located. We can support you with IoT solutions, wherever you may be located. We have the best engineering teams that will enable technologies for IoT.  We handle systems and IoT installations, across the globe.

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